Struck, silver plated with some gilding (as noted below), diameter 70 mm.


  • at centre, logo of the XVI International Numismatic Conference;
  • above, in the background, an element of the Royal Castle in Warsaw;
  • below, selected Polish coins: (from left) Cracow groschen of Casimir III the Great; Glogau groschen of Sigismundus I the Old, 100 Polish złoty from 1925 (gilt); 10 ducats of Sigismundus III Vasa, Riga (gilt); obverse and reverse of a PRINCES POLONIE denar of Bolesław Chrobry


  • Stylised hands holding 100 ducats of Sigismundus III Vasa issued in 1621 (gilt)
  • Legend around:
    below, POLAND 11-16.IX.2022.

The number of medals is limited. Sale on a first-come, first-served basis

The medals will be available for personal pick-up during the Congress.
Optionally after the Congress, courier delivery possibility on request at additional fee.

Round, two-sided medal, diameter 70 mm and thickness c. 4 mm, in two versions of alloy:
1. Brass (M90) silvered and oxidated, selectively gilded – price 200 EUR
2. Silver (Ag925) oxidated, selectively gilded – price 700 EUR

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