Joachim Lelewel and numismatics in the nineteenth century

General information:

The Institute of Archeology, Jagiellonian University, The National Museum in Krakow, The Royal Library in Belgium (Brussels) together with Krakow Branch of the Polish Numismatic Society and The Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium are pleased to announce a session entitled “Joachim Lelewel and numismatics in the nineteenth century” – a meeting preceding XVI International Numismatic Congress in Warsaw.

The session will focus on widely understood Polish-Belgian contacts in the field of numismatics as well as on coin collecting and on history of money on the territories of present-day Poland and Belgium starting in antiquity until modern times. Joachim Lelewel (1786-1861) is one of the most important personages in the history of the nineteenth century numismatic research in Belgium and Poland and the year 2021 marks the 160th anniversary of his death which the session will commemorate.

Date: 10th September 2022
Venue: The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum building located at 12 Piłsudski St., Kraków, Poland.
Admission: Free of charge, number of participants limited. Everyone interested in participation of the event is warmly encouraged to contact the organizers at by 23 August 2022.
Publication: The papers presented during the session will be published in the seventeenth volume of the journal Notae Numismaticae – Zapiski Numizmatyczne published by the National Museum in Krakow.

Organising committee:
Professor Jarosław Bodzek
Professor François de Callataÿ
Dr Paweł Gołyźniak

Joachim Lelewel and numismatics in the nineteenth century
Krakow, 10th September 2022

09:00-09:15Opening of conference
09:15-09:35Fran Stroobants – Joachim Lelewel and the Coin Cabinet of KBR
09:35-09:55Johan van Heesch – Lelewel’s letters to numismatists in KBR, the Royal Library of Belgium
09:55-10:15François de Callataÿ - The long sojourn of Joachim Lelewel in Brussels as seen through the Belgian Press
10:15-10:35Arianna D’Ottone-Rambach - Oriental Studies and Arabic Numismatics in Eastern Europe in the 19th century: mapping Lelewel interests and connections
10:50-11:05Coffee break
11:05-11:25Jarosław Bodzek - Numismatic activity of Joachim Lelewel in Polish research
11:25-11:45Mariusz Mielczarek - Who taught Joachim Lelewel in numismatics?
11:45-12:05Agnieszka Smołucha-Sładkowska – Joachim Lelewel’s approach to medallic art
12:05-12:25Julian M. Skelnik – Joachim Lelewel connections to medals commemorating Polish-Russian War 1830-1831
12:40-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:20Piotr Jaworski – Ancient coins at the exhibitions of antiquities in Warsaw (1856-1889)
14:20-14:40Adam Degler - Ancient coins in Polish manor house. Ignacy Adam Krasicki’s collection from Stratyn
14:40-15:00Magdalena Karnicka - The numismatic collections in old Wrocław in the first half of the nineteenth century
15:00-15:20Paweł Gołyźniak - Polish interest in glyptic art in the times of Joachim Lelewel
15:20-15:30 Discussion
15:30-15:40Conference Closing
15:40-16:30The INC accompanying exhibition tour: Private medal. Private medals in the 1st Republic of Poland (from the 16th to the 18th century) in the The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum
16:30-17:30Exhibition tour: Lelewel: the Polish engraver in the Gallery of the 19th-century Polish Art at the Sukiennice (the Cloth Hall), National Museum in Krakow

Jagiellonian University in Kraków

National Museum in Krakow

the Royal Library of Belgium

Gabinet Numizmatyczny D. Marciniak